Racial Conflict will always be a problem. White racism is promoted as the cause of many problems for non-whites. Is it correct? Is White Racism the cause of Illegal Immigration? Of the Welfare State? Of restrictions on European Immigration?
It’s unfortunate but true that Identity Politics has caused and will increasingly cause racial strife. With almost 20 million illegal immigrants in America, almost none from Europe, the racial composition of America has been changed and will continue to change as more non-whites and fewer whites immigrate. The 1965 Federal Immigration and Nationality Act changed the racial composition of America. By 2062 White, non-Hispanics will no longer be a majority, That’s purposeful, willful genocide. Call it by some nice name like “Diversity” or Multiculturalism but the result will be the same.
The Left Wing in America seems to agree that white Americans caused many of the problems for non-whites and the white majority must be punished for those problems even when the causes happened long before they were born.
It doesn’t matter much if you believe its fair or even correct to solve the alleged problems caused by white people by increasing the number of non-whites. That’s settled. Since 1965 the laws favor non-whites. That is important on it’s own but combined with the willful suppression of whites by the Left the white majority is disappearing.

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