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Month: July 2013

Anthony Weiner and You

You are connected if you know about his sexting. It’s your opinion. What’s the basis of your opinion of Anthony Weiner? What’s behind your opinion? Your Morality. What is that exactly? A moral code is a set of...

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Eliminating Racism Won’t Work.

How much and for how long do non-black people have to pay for slavery? How offended do non-blacks have to be before they resent the bigots who offend them with their shrill screams of “Racist”? How long does it take...

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Random Stuff to Think about

GOVERNMENT HAS TOO MANY…. “……..bad laws made by bad people that do bad things to good people.” “……..The state keeps restricting, taxing, closing, hindering, and destroying, and attempting to claim that all its does is glorious. Let’s look at the results.”