You are connected if you know about his sexting. It’s your opinion. What’s the basis of your opinion of Anthony Weiner? What’s behind your opinion? Your Morality. What is that exactly?

A moral code is a set of values that are followed subconsciously when decisions are made. Decisions have survival value. A person who makes wrong decisions about the requirements of life is in danger. An irresponsible diet can lead to early death. Not knowing about moral behavior will cause wrong decisions. But no one can examine the information that guides their decisions. Their moral compass is in their subconscious inside their mind but it’s impossible to examine.

So how can people be sure they will make correct decisions, especially about the important issues of their life? Here’s the hard part. They must be sure their sub-conscious has the correct information. But there’s no way to examine their sub-conscious to make sure it has the correct information. They need another way to make sure they do the right things. The nature of the sub-conscious provides the way to make right decisions. The sub-conscious records all prior decisions. It stores them as intellectual sub-totals. When a choice must be made the sub-conscious provides the sub-total and the next decision is the result of  all the previous decisions. The way to be sure the next decision is right is to make the right decisions all along so the sub-conscious is full of the right choices. Your opinion of Anthony Weiner is the result of previous opinions which are stored in your sub-conscious. Your opinion of Weiner is personal. No one else is involved in your evaluation. You don’t have to wait for the Last Judgment. Your mind makes judgments all along. You have no choice about judging. That’s part of what the brain does. Your choice is whether to trust you own judgment or not. If your sub-conscious is full of conflicting prior judgments it won’t be of much use making new conclusions. But is you do the right things all along your sub-conscious will use the correct decisions to guide the new ones. For example if you sometimes refuse to do drugs and do drugs other times, what will the guidance of your mind be? There’s no way to tell. You may do drugs next time or not.

But if you always refuse to do drugs, the sub-conscious ability of you’re mind will provide the right information when you have to make the next choice. It’s up to you to program your sub-conscious and it’s up to you to get it right. BYW. Don’t do drugs.

And don’t think a politician who does stupid things is OK, not because of the things but because of the stupidity.



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