Richboro. Supervisor’s meeting July 24, 2013. The Republicans violated the Municipal Park deed when they approved lights in the Municipal Park but they had wrongly held themselves as not breaking the agreement to keep the park a daylight park. To make sure the record was correct I presented that up at the meeting. That caused one of the Republican Insiders to loose control when he talked about the lights. He refused to respond to the gavel and the meeting had to go to recess while he got himself under control. All because the shenanigans of the Republican Boards of Supervisors remain largely unknown. The truth can hurt. The deed restriction prohibiting lights was clearly broken by the Republican Supervisors. Now they are posturing as the Saviors of the Park. They blocked temporary lights that would have helped the kids practice soccer.
How To Screw The Police. There was a hilarious set of comments from another Republican Insider who pretended to be helping the township but he was really trying to screw the Northampton Township Unions by relating his experiences screwing unions in the past.
“Republican Insiders” refers to the Northampton Republican Committee. Many of the Committee people are out of touch with the Republican Party Principles. They misguided the Republican voters in the Primary election where they backed the endorsed candidate who won in Northampton but lost in Bucks County. Pat Bachtle has many friends and supporters county wide. Pat ran a great campaign. The Northampton resident who was endorsed was a great person who, unfortunately was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
The Republican Insiders like to meet in secret. In their dimlit backrooms they have enemy lists and they follow their leaders. Original thinking is not allowed. Good advice is shunned and obedience is demanded. Can’t let the child-like minds control themselves. The phony battles over Soccer Lights is an example of a bad strategy and bad tactics which needs lots of lies to sustain it. Plenty of that is visible at the July 24 meeting. The facts are clear. Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham do the right things. The Insider Republicans are going to continue to act foolish and because of that the township voters are well advised to keep them out of power.

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