How much and for how long do non-black people have to pay for slavery? How offended do non-blacks have to be before they resent the bigots who offend them with their shrill screams of “Racist”? How long does it take to change the perception of the population? When is enough enough?

School integration was enforced by government in 1964 with Brown v Board of Education. Did it work? Did it end racism against blacks? No. Of course it didn’t. Why not? Because people do the things that make sense for them, not for others. All thinking beings operate that way. It’s called self-responsibility. The entire law enforcement community can try and try again to remove racism from non-blacks. The 50 years from 1964 to 2013 should show how ineffective government force is eliminating Racism. A half century ago, the United States Military was used to force the people of Little Rock to integrate a high school. Did that eliminate racism? No. Did things get better for black people? Yes. Today there are many successful black people. They can succeed. Many did. Many will. They will do it against the headwind of the black criticism of them as “Uncle Tom’s”, “Jim Crow Blacks” and “Oreo’s”.

Government can do many things but it can get many things wrong and make plenty of mistakes too. Government suffers no consequences for blunders but the citizens whose lives are irrevocably changed for the worse pay for the blunders. Forced bussing may seem to have short term gains but long term it doesn’t solve racism.

Little Rock, Brown and Martin Luther King’s magnificent work imprinted itself on the American psyche. those were important and necessary events but why, fifty seven years after Little Rock and after enormous amounts of time, effort and treasure was sent to the black community, why do we hear people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton still burning with rage, demonstrating against Zimmerman but failing their natural followers, the black people in America? That’s an indictment of the black community and an acquittal of non-black America. 

Being black in America has gotten far worse than it was say 20 years ago. Crime in the black communities is the highest on planet earth. Doesn’t Jackson care about black people? Is Sharpton only interested in scolding non-blacks? If Jackson and Sharpton are so wonderful for black people why is crime in black neighborhoods so high? Why is it so much higher than in the non-black neighborhoods? Why isn’t Jackson, Sharpton, Cornell West and Travis Smiley in Detroit, Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey?

Jackson and Sharpe have been following false stars. Their policies and politics are very wrong if their purpose is to help black people. Life in black neighborhoods is horrible but not because of racism. Life is worse for black people because false saviors have pushed then in horribly wrong directions. How do we get past the disasters of the black communities? We don’t.

Jackson, Sharpton, the Black Caucuses, all of the black leaders like Cornell West and PBS commentators like Travis Smiley and the black infrastructure abandoned Black America. They are the ones who need to help blacks change things in the black neighborhoods. We are no longer esponsible to fix this. We fixed it. The fix was wrong. We stopped lots of anti-black behaviors. It didn’t help black people get jobs. It didn’t help black people get an education. We tried. We paid. We paid more. We tried again. We tried and tried. We spent and spent more but it didn’t work.  We sent money. It was wasted.  We sent teachers. They failed. We sent cell phones. We built schools. We built apartments. We paid trillions to eliminate the effects of racism. There’s no set of metrics that show how much has been spent and wasted trying to make life better for black people and what happened? Unsafe neighborhoods, Extremely high crime rates. Few two parent homes. Few high school graduates. Unprecedented murder rates and what do the black leaders say: “Racism is the problem”. That analysis is wrong and that conclusion is wrong. 

Crime is the problem. Crime is criminal, not racist. Criminals commit crimes. The criminal justice system is not at fault. The criminals are. The disproportionately high representation of black criminals in jails is not a manifestation of non-black racism but of black criminals. The high rates of black crimes means black criminals committed those crimes. Racism didn’t commit those crimes. Crime is an individual phenomenon.  Individuals commit crimes. Gangs commit crimes. Mobs commit crimes. Rioters commit crimes. Criminals commit crimes one person at a time. A mob that commits crimes is a number of individuals committing individual criminal acts. there is no such thing as a mob. A mob is a number of individuals doing the same things. The number of individuals is the key to understanding the individual nature of mob behavior. The individual is the key to understanding criminal behavior. One may be protected by a gang but it’s the individuals in the gang that provide the protection. When those individuals act they act as individuals. there is no such thing as mob action. It’s always individual actions.

What causes criminals? Not racism. Where is the evidence that racism causes criminals? How specifically did racism cause criminals who commit crimes? What laws have racists broken that caused the disproportionate numbers of black criminals? What moral ideas do non-whites violate that caused black criminals? See the problem? There’s no racist cause that caused the criminal effect. 

Blacks in America have been helped, supported, educated, paid, and pushed ahead by non-whites to no avail. Not only to no avail but help for black Americans has backfired. Conditions in black neighborhoods are worse than ever, not because of racism but because of the dis-interest of black leaders in the black people. Yelling racism, bigotry, prejudice, unfairness, discrimination, injustice and other invectives to non-blacks will not help blacks and it is making things worse for blacks. When blacks are out demonstrating, marching, and yelling how things are not their fault, the resources of the black and non-black communities are squandered.  

There is a huge black leadership vacuum in black America. The black community needs to get rid of people like Jackson, Sharpton, Rev. Wright and even Oprah because they are not able to identify and carry out programs that will help the black race in America. If the Jackson’s, the Sharpton’s and the Oprah’s knew what to do, why didn’t they do it? Things are worse these days for blacks, but not because of non-blacks. That excuse went out long ago. The non-black community has overcompensated in favor of black people and it’s not enough. It will never be enough because there are plenty of black people who can help the black race but they refuse to do it. Instead they take the approach that may be personally satisfying, blame the non-whites, but that approach is wrong. Some black leaders need to stop screaming that it’s not their fault, stand up, step in and get the black people under control, under some kind of rule of law and they especially need to take that responsibility onto themselves before they have any credibility to speak for anyone, black or non-black. It is their fault. They have to fix it. They can do it. They watched while things got worse because they did the wrong things. They need to do the right things. It’s not hard. Others do it. They can do it. They just need to decide it’s their fight. Blaming racism won’t work. The proof? It hasn’t worked and it’s made life for black people worse because it can’t work because Racism is not the problem and eliminating racism won’t cure the problem. It’s a black crime problem, not a racist-caused problem. It’s past time for America to hold a mirror in front of the black community. It’s time for an examination in that mirror of the motives, the morals and the methods of the black leaders and their failed leadership. Fifty years of doing and doing and doing even more should be sufficient to show the failures of blaming black crime on non-whites.     

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