National columnist Eugene Robinson who is an expert on race is not satisfied with the success of black people. He wants more success for black people and Robinson wants non-black people to provide it. Robinson provides vivid examples of what he wants from non-blacks. He wants: Education, as though there are not enough schools for black people; Mentoring, as though black people need more than two natural parents; Employment, as though the present rate of people employed, 93% is too low for black people to get and keep good jobs. and Robinson demands a black man to be President. Ok, I added the president part.

Robinson believes he and other blacks are entitled to more than non-blacks. He blames non-blacks for following black people in stores, as though the excessive black criminal population has escaped his notice. Never mind, Eugene, you believe the high numbers and percentages of black criminals are because of hatred directed towards blacks. You call that Racism. He has been followed in department stores because of non-black racism. He has seen women clutch their handbags tighter when he got on an elevator. Robinson claims that’s because of Racism Against Black People by non-black people. Robinson identifies with Trayvon because that “could have been him” some years ago.

Robinson condemns the criminal justice system because of “Racial Disparities”. Robinson believes “the African American community is looking at race because of a set of experiences and a history that doesn’t go away.” Robinson gets to the heart of his frustration when he writes: “There is a sense that if a white teen was involved in the same kind of scenario as Trayvon, the outcome would have been different”. Robinson is almost clinically detached from the problems in the black community. Robinson doesn’t relate to that because he doesn’t live there.

Robinson is a great inventor of tall tales. He twists the American experiences and wants non-black citizens punished and he want’s to hold the whip because he can’t get out of his insulated zone.

Most Americans know racism is dead in America. Non-black people do not treat black people as though they are not black. Black people treat non-blacks different than blacks. That’s the way nature makes it because of a simple fact. The color of peoples skin is a fact of their existence. Most people know that and act accordingly. That’s neither right nor wrong. When black people commit far more crimes than non-blacks, that’s a fact. Robinson needs to stop denying so many facts. He needs to realize that Racism is often an excuse. If he continues to blame others for his problems, his problems will not get solved. He needs to figure out the consequences of the elimination of slavery. Slavery was eliminated in 1864 except as punishment for a crime. Check the 13th amendment. Slavery has been over for 150 years. Robinson needs to stop inventing slavery scenarios.

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