Ken Willette from the National Fire Protection Association, a nonprofit that develops standards for firefighting, says electrocution is one of the hazards firefighters are increasingly facing fighting blazes at structures where solar panels are deployed.

“Those panels, as long as there’s any kind of light present, whether it’s daylight or it’s electronic lamp light, will generate electricity,” he said.

A 2011 study from the Underwriters Laboratory found solar panels, being individual energy producers, could not be easily de-energized from a single point like other electric sources. Researchers recommended throwing a tarp over the panels to block light, but only if crews could safely get to the area.

Sunlight makes a building hot. Tarps block sunlight which lowers the hot temperatures inside a building saving electricity. Tarps over the roof and awnings over the windows would save as much or more electricity than the so-called saving at the Northampton Sewer Building from the massive solar project that wasted lots of money.

The sewer board spends about $7,000 a year on PECO electricity. the Northampton solar project cost was $190,050. The break even point, not counting lost interest, maintenance and insurance, is 31 years. The life of a Chinese solar panel is maybe 20 years but even if it’s 31 years, after paying $190,050 the actual saving for 31 years is zero dollars. WHEN INTEREST IS INCLUDED IT’S 41 YEARS. This is a bad deal. It was made by a greedy board of Economics challenged sewer directors and a flim-flamer who failed to disclose the true cost.  

A new study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology  concludes that — at least in the short term– being deceitful brings delight. 

The researchers gave participants the opportunity to cheat on things  like word games and puzzles. Some were offered money in exchange for cheating.  Up to half ended up cheating and most of the participants said they felt better  afterwards than those who were honest.

The new research contradicts  other studies which had previously shown that doing something dishonest makes  people feel bad about them.

No body except cheaters like cheaters. That’s why the cheaters in Northampton need to be removed from the Sewer Board. Cheating must not get a payday but in Northampton the cheaters got a $190,050.00 payoff. Vote to remove the cheaters and get them out of the sewer business.


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