A vote for Hillary is a vote to continue the destruction of American manufacturing and a surrender to the global cheaters bankrolling her crooked tax-avoidance scheme she calls a “Charity”. “Hillary will tell any falsehood to trick American voters. In her emails was a map of the robbery — to deceive and sell out the good people of America.

In the second debate Trump unleashed a savage attack on Hillary’s corruption, incompetence, and enabling of her husband’s sexual misdeeds as she helped her rape-driven husband by attacking his female victims.

Trump slammed Clinton because:

She wants Amnesty for everybody. [This was the debate’s one (1) mention of Amnesty]. Come right in. Come right over. It’s a horrible thing she’s doing. She’s got bad judgment, and honestly, so bad that she should never be president of the United States. That I can tell you.

“No day shall erase you from the memory of time.” Virgil

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