He’s an outsider. Paul Ryan knows it so Ryan’s against Trump. Same for the now infamous Bushes, the quintessential insiders. Of course ryan cannot endorse Trump. trump is an outsider. So are the American voters who are absolutely fed-up with the political insiders getting away with running the elections to elect insiders like Ryan and of course Hillary.

Hillary was captured by her greed decades ago. Her lack of moral values has been clear despite her denials. She’s worse than philanderer Bill who merely used women to masturbate himself. Hillary is the real devil. Going after the women who were set-up by her husband.

Lets include Chelsea who at 33 years of age is no longer innocent but part of the Clinton Mob of insiders. That’s what Trump is running against and it’s why many mainstream Republicans hate Trump but the voters love him and will elect him in less than a month.

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