On Sunday, Sept 1 there was an acrid smell was on the morning breeze in Northampton because Solar Panels on the roof increased the intensity and duration of the Dietz and Watson refrigerated warehouse fire all the way over in Delanco New Jersey. The building was the size of six full size football fields and it was covered with 7,000 solar panels.

Quote from Action News, (here): “The roof of the warehouse is covered by energized solar panels which prevented firefighters from getting on top of the building to put the flames out more quickly.”

And: “Officials say the fire was focused between the trusses and solar panels on the roof. There have been two explosions so far and at least one wall collapsed.

In 2010, the company installed more than 7,000 solar power modules, which officials claimed would reduce the facility’s energy use by nearly 20 percent. Buildings with solar power systems “can present a variety of significant hazards” for firefighters including poor air quality and electrocution, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

The so-called carbon footprint reduction because of solar panels has to be increased to account for all of the meat that was burned into carbon because the solar panels prevented water from pouring onto the fire. Remember this when some noodle head tries to convince themselves and you that solar panels are good because they save carbon.

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