There are reasons for secrecy. There are moral considerations to evaluate those reasons. Privacy is the real world name for individual secrecy. America’s Federal and State governments were supposed to protect the privacy of each individual. The Fourth Amendment was supposed to do that but because government must access private information in criminal matters a safety valve was part of the Fourth Amendment. A dis-interested and objective judge was supposed to arbitrate and tip the verdicts in favor of individual privacy. Individuals were free to decide what to reveal and what to hide.  

People can be hurt by  revealing secret information so witness protection was invented.

The Northampton Republican committee has been endorsing political hate-sites to personally attack me, other private citizens and the Democrat candidates. They posted a letter with my name but I would nevcr stoop so low to be involved with anything at all regarding their hate-sites. These are bad people. Bad Republicans who have no morals, no shame and no courage.

People who operate anonymous websites that are pure political hate sites full of lies, misrepresentations and defamation are rule-breakers  not whistleblowers. Political activists who operate anonymously may need the protection of secrecy for their protection but in the case of Northampton Township, no such danger exists.

Activists may need anonymity. I’m an activist. My name is on this website and so is my photograph. My name is on every issue on this website. That’s how moral people operate. The Northampton Republican bosses are not moral people. They are a disgrace to the Republican party, to Northampton and to themselves.

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