In a guest opinion in the 10/31/11 Courier Supervisor Deon tried hard to run from his record of broken promises. He promised to keep taxes low but today we pay almost three times what we paid before he was elected. That’s a broken promise. He promised he had no control over the Water and Sewer Authority but he rejected scores of qualified applicants and appointed three stooges to the board who do what he wants them to do. That’s a broken promise. He promised to control development but under his administration the Water and Sewer authority is charging the taxpayers $1.8 million to put in sewers necessary for Toll Brothers to build 40 homes on the Leehurst property. That’s two more broken promises. One to control development which is not being controlled at Leehurst and another to get the best deal for the taxpayers. Instead he sold out the taxpayers and rewarded the developer.

He promised to get the best deal possible for the taspayers but he gave a no down payment and esentially zero interest mortgage money to the buyer of the Spread Eagle. (the interest is included in the purchase price which makes the deal lower than the value of the property with a small interest rate or a value closer to but under the market which means it’s a zero or even a negative rate mortgage. He borrosed the mortgage money from the taxpayers. that wasn’t enough for the Promise-Breaker. After those special deals he lowered the mortgage. Who benefits from that? Not the taxpayers.

Deon claimed he worked with the developers. In the case on Leehurst, he sure did. He helped get them $1.8 million. He should have worked for the taxpayers. He’s had six years and things got worse under him. It’s time to retire Deon. Elect Rose who has had a clean record her entire life. Count on her not to go along with crazy, wasteful spending of taxpayers money.

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