Supervisor Komelasky has been a candidate for the past 26 years. He must be super-glued to the supervisor’s chair because he can’t go anywhere else. He should have been able to learn how to grow in a position but not Komelasky. He’s in the same rut he jumped into in i983 when he got on the ballot for supervisor. Back then, Northampton didn’t need to pay attention to the supervisors. Taxes were low. Services worked and Northampton was a bedroom community. Since Komelasky got on the job, Township Taxes have quintupled, Services are about the same and Northampton is in a time warp.  Recently the township gave a $1.8 million dollar gift to Toll Brothers who are building 40 homes on about 55 acres of the Leehurst Farm. That will cost you, personally, $156 bucks and you get $Zero dollars for your $156. There are 11,500 people in Northampton who have public sewers or public water. $1.8 million divided by the 11,500 rate-payers is $156 each. That’s one problem when the same person keeps running without any new ideas. A perennial candidate. One years experience twenty six times.

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