Of course individuals are responsible for taking care of their mental health and normally that’s easy enough even in a complicated world. Multiple intellectual path’s are followed quite easily. A normal mind has tremendous un-used reserves.  Accommodating many issues means one can take care of oneself, loved ones, friends, acquaintances while dealing with enemies.  Maintaining psychological health throughout one’s life is quite common.

But some individuals find it difficult to cope with the pressures of life so the brain goes into a sort of self-protection mode and shuts out some responses while it repairs one’s life. When the intellectual pressures overwhelm the internal defenses the mind sort of blows itself out. People see a crazy person.

Irrational egoism is a local craziness that’s appeared in Northampton. Sigmund Freud studied and wrote about narcissistic personality dis-order, a serous psychological break manifested by pervasive lying. A Stage Three Liar glibly lies. Stage Three is pathological,- defined as  clinically disproportionate falsification. It’s psychologically very complicated, and may manifest a lifetime. The individual often knows they are lying. Alternately, they might really believe they are telling the truth. They are unaware they are relating fantasies.  Forty percent of fantasia cases reported central nervous system abnormality, sometimes characterized by epilepsy, abnormal EEG findings, head trauma, or by CNS infection.

Walter Mitty is a fictional character. Northampton’s liars are real. Whether drug induced, diseased or pathological, liars are not suicidal, not usually, but whether suicide comes from one’s internal coping mechanism or from drugs, the reality is: life is soon over. Without intervention a pathological fantasy driven mind is unable to return to reality. All pathological liars don’t suicide but when drug use gets to the heroin stage, quite often it’s poof.

A few Walter Mitty types have been operating within the Northampton Republican Committee to the detriment of the party in which I’ve been registered for over half a century. My interest in the Republican Party is solid which is why this exegesis was written. The Northampton Republican Committee, the private group of elected people who carry the status of the neighborhood back to the party, has ruptured. Within their ranks are pathological liars and worse. The liars need to be controlled by the decent members of the NRC. The liars are in charge to the detriment of Northampton. A big lie was the 537 plan that was hidden for a decade. Another was the phony water contamination in the Industrial park. Another the $25 million borrowed for a recreation facility that wasn’t built. The $200,000 anonymous donor of the bocce ball roof, who we suspect was the taxpayers is still secret. The honorable committee people in the NRC have to discover and excise those who lack honor and continue to lie in the name of the Republican Party. But liars are psycho-pathologically unable to change. So long as they continue in control, Northampton is worse off.

The two party system has helped. Some of  the more virulent Insider Republicans were removed from power by the voters. They should be kept out of power, and they will be, until reform changes the character of the Republican Committee. What needs to change? A lot but it will get worse before it gets better. The Courier is being distorted by the NRC. NRC letter and VENT writers show the lying has expanded. More liars have stepped up but no truth tellers from the NRC have appeared.

America’s constitutional scheme is supposed to be neutral, to protect the individual against itself. The laws are a necessary part of government but since government’s and laws have humans they can never be neutral. Politics is different. Politicians can never be neutral but are supposed to be moral. The NRC went far past the moral lines.

They win by cheating and praise themselves for it. They are proud of their deceits. They cannot win honestly but neither can they act honesty. It’s a lose-lose outcome for them. Short term, the Democrats need to win in November. Medium term the Republicans need to lose the local elections in 2015. Long term the County bosses need to grasp this message. 



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