Yes, he certainly did.

First some history. In the year 2000 the Township and the County bought the Miller tract for $2.2 Million and converted it to Open Space paid for with Open Space Dollars from two sources. The County gave about $.9 million and Northampton used $1.3 million in borrowed money from a bond, an Open Space Loan.

New Matter. But Five Years later the township sold the Open Space for $1.2 million – to private people. WHY??      Why did the township sell Open Space ??

When the township sold the Open Space the County lost some maybe all of its money. If so maybe it lost its jurisdiction too. The Question is Why? Why did the Northampton Supervisors sell Open Space?

Did the township need to raise money? What happened to the $1.2 million Open Space money?

Bruce Townsend was the Township manager until 2007. The Supervisors? All Republicans. Maybe Townsend was spending too much money so he used the $1.2 million Open Space money to pay township bills. At first I thought the deals were suspicious. Now I think it all stinks. It has the smell of something nefarious. Perhaps it’s just stupidity but like the Solar Panel Deal, it has the Appearance of Impropriety. Corruption.  Whatever the reasons the Supervisors had control of and spent $2.2 million Open Space Money in the year 2000.

Five years later they sold the property for $1.1 Million and lost over a million bucks. Why was it sold?  It wasn’t bought so it could be sold. It sounds like the Open Space Fund was raided.

Why was it sold so cheap? It’s almost like a jewel thief who settles for whatever the fence will pay for the stolen jewels because he wants some easy money.

What was done with the $1.2 million? Did some of the $1.2 million from the sale belong to the County? Did the township lose some Bucks County Open Space Money? It sure did. 

Why isn’t the County asking for some of its money back? After all it gave money to buy Open Space so why didn’t it get some money when the Open Space was sold? Why didn’t two courts and four judges and squads of lawyers figure this out? The answer is some clever handling of the deals and the deeds by the Republicans in power at the time.  

This is important. Let me repeat. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE $1.2 MILLION from the sale? ?

Talk about the Parsons, the permits and pole barns are diversions —  diversions from the fundamental questions about the money. Why was Open Space sold?  What was done with the money?  Why wasn’t some of it paid back to the County? The County got scammed. The people got conned. The Open Space fund was raided. The land no longer belongs to the people, and Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham who had nothing to do with the scam are trying to find a way out.  Show Me The Money?  Let’s leave the Parsons alone. Lets at least find the money and lets get the Bucks County Commissioners to BACK OFF!

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