That’s false of course. My father didn’t go to Harvard. My mother wasn’t a Ph.D, nor was I raised in Hawaii. I didn’t go to Occidental College, Columbia or Harvard  so of course I could not have been Trayvon. Neither could anyone else. Check Trayvon’s fingerprints. Check his DNA. Compare them with anyone else and it’s glaringly obvious that no one else “could have been Trayvon”.

The purpose of “Trayvon could have been me” is obvious. Divide America into Black and Non-Black groups. To use race for political advantage, Political Racism, is probably the lowest form of human behavior. Politicians who separate the races in public like Trayvon Could Have Been me are guilty of hate in their heart against the other races. The Bash Mob criminals have been propagandized by racists and reverse racists alike, by the Chicago politicians who have gone national.  because that’s the result of separating America by taking advantage of yet another (false) Twana Brawley moment. Remember too, the Duke Rape Arrests, yet another false race  issue.

Separating people by skin color is anti-American, at least so far as the Conservatives and the Right Wing are concerned. Unfortunately, a house divided against itself cannot stand.

America’s melting pot has gotten more molten over race. Fanning the fires of hate is easy. It wrongly infuriates people to take advantage of a crisis to promote the narrow divisive agenda of the Liberals in the hate America crowd.

There are far too many Liberals in power for far too long and it’s going to get even worse. Professor Bill Ayres, nee Bomber Bill, a man who wrote: “Kill the Rich. Burn their cars. Break up their homes” and who directed those who bombed the Pentagon is “Trayvon Could Have Been Me’s” Chicago neighbor. With Bernadine Dohrn, Ayres terrorized America before 9/11 and Ayres was a fellow director of “Trayvon Could Nave Been Me” at the Woods Fund and with his association in with First Unitarian in Honolulu and SDS. These radicals fragmented the Democratic Party and moved themselves into it’s leadership. Ayres apparently wrote large parts of “Dreams From My Father”. The style, the cadence, the name switches are Ayres attributes.     

The American Revolution has been under attack because the Left want’s to replace Democracy with Dictatorship because they see themselves in charge. Liberals want more than the disgrace and capitualization of America, -they want to replace Capitalism with Socialism, and Freedom with more servitude with the important difference that it’s Liberty itself that’s the target of: the Left; -the community organizers who have been making what I hope are short term gains; -the left-over Clinton-ista’s, -the Hippies from the Beat Generation, -the race hustlers, those special mention parasites riding the coat tails of America’s race gains. The New Left are the children of the old left, those stoners from the Haight-Ashbury Drug Counterculture who follow the community organizing tactics of Saul Alinsky. ACORN was organized to divide. The attorney general has been impeached. America has too many enemies inside America. That’s the secret tactic of Liberals, – destroy America by boring from within. So far it’s working. I hope American’s soon grasp that America’s hallowed out Constitution and the rule of Objective law, a type of law that has been overcome by the Law of Expediency, can overcome the cognitive dissonance that’s gripped the Left. The Left over Columbia- Harvard Liberals have control of the Senate, the courts and the Presidency. The Doctors accept the dictatorship of the Affordable Health Care Act. The people’s money is being devalued by the eroding dollar and the rules and regulations have forced most manufacturing into the third world which is so corrupt that they take the money and ruin it. America’s foreign policy lost the Middle East and both Hillary and Kerry are responsible, along with the Liberals in the Senate. Cash for Clunkers ruined the used car market and drove the poor into new GM cars and more debt. The left has a series of failures to it’s credit as well as the blame for weakening the Second Amendment with laws that infringe on their Second Amendment Right to own a gun. The government is listening in on everyone’s phone calls. Government records credit card purchases on the chance they might need to know what you bought. Your car is tracked by satellite without a warrant as required by the Fifth Amendment.   

The Attorney General has been impeached. Why? Does he believe he could have been Traycon too? Does he look suspicious because he’s been looking into windows instead of walking along the sidewalk where he belonged?

The race baiters caused rocks to be thrown at police in San Barnardino. Maybe they ran out of books. The police expect more race-based protests and Flash Gangs.

Trayvon is dead. Try of make sure America stops making victims of the wrong people. Trayvon is no hero. His death was unavoidable because only he was Trayvon. Not only couldn’t I have been Trayvon, no one else could have been either. That’s the way it works. No one is anyone else.


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