…. was a famous anti-American NAZI radio announcer during WWII who broadcast in English, For those who believe in re-incarnation he’s back and living in Northampton. He shows up at some government meetings and embarrasses himself by being on the wrong sides of the issues because he’s annoyed the bad Republicans are no longer in power. The good Republicans, and there are far more of them, are the people who oppose the Bad Republicans.   

There are several Haw-Haw’s including some famous liars. Like the mean people who fought against putting more lights in the Municipal park so the kids couldn’t practice in the fall evenings. Haw-Haw thinks the lights would interfere with, …… actually nothing. The Haw-Haw’s wasted scads of money approving the “Free” as they called it, not understanding the meaning of the word Free, solar panels at the Water Board. Turns out the Water Board spent money paying the lawyer – probably over ten thousand bucks to read over the proposal for the “Free” panels.

Haw-Haw wasted major money inspecting wells for contamination but there was none.

Look. We know people make mistakes but why do people like the Haw-Haw’s make so many mistakes and why so often? The Laws of Probability mean they should be right some of the time. But they’re not. Good thing they are so simple-minded. Their simple wrong ideas can’t really hurt. Lies are never stronger than truth. 

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