The worse she gets the better he looks and the more she speaks the worse she gets. Trump has emerged as someone who can “Make America Great Again”. He finally decided at this stage of his life, after making billions working with and around government regulators since he was 26 and renovated a 1,299 unit apartment he bought. An apartment cannot be renovated without intrusive government intruding and making is harder to make a profit while they justify their existence by putting their hans on the scales and getting their fingers in the pie.

Donald Trump is the straight shooting express come to politics. He’s favored in the polls because he’s not a politician. He lacks a megaphone like the pundits who make their living writing about problems. Without problems the pundits wouldn’t have anything to write about so they are experts at creating problems where none exist. Donald Thump is giving them fits because he has the right answers for their invented problems.

Columnist Thomas Sowell, a middle-of-the-road pundit writes about Trump having no government experience. Typical pundit. No one is supposed to have experience and Term Limits are imposed to make it harder to become enmeshed with the powers of government. Trump is the best candidate because he and Carly Fiorina have experience working with and against government but not as government.

Trumps biggest problem is he has to convince the Republican Party Hacks to endorse him as the candidate best able to beat Hillary. We have to help or at the very least we should try.

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