What are the odds that Trayvon Martin would be killed by George Zimmerman? What about the comment that Trayvon’s death was preventable? Here is the problem with remarks like that. The events happened. Thinking that events that happened didn’t have to happen is sort of like wishing things were different. That’s foolish thinking. There are many things that cannot be different. That’s another way of saying some things are certain. There are absolutes. It’s an absolute that Trayvon Martin was shot and died. It’s an absolute that George Zimmerman shot him. Those events are over. There’s no statistical probability that applies to past events. Statistics is about predicting the future based on probability. 

To say if things were different the events would not have happened is completely false. Once things happen the answer to “What’s the possibility” questions is 100%.

The idea that Trayvon’s death was preventable is a way to identify what might have happened if a different set of circumstances happened. But that’s logically flawed. A different set of circumstances didn’t happen. The event is over.

We don’t like to see people die. Just about everyone feels the sting of death in their lives. It’s human to have compassion. It’s also human to judge events and people. Lots of people try to live without judging people but that’s impossible because judgment has educational and survival value. Judgment is vital to life. It has to be done.  

Some people don’t like the verdict. Some don’t like Zimmerman and others don’t like Trayvon. But no verdict will change what happened between Martin and Zimmerman.

Everyone can empathize with the parents of both Trayvon and George. There are many ways their stories will play out. What are the odds of that? 100% 

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