Bell Hooks is in possession of an illusary superiority. She wrote: “Killing Rage” in response to her personal, pathological attempt to blame racism on every white dead and alive. She should look in her mirror and write “The Poltics of Hate”. One of her delusions is that White racism against black people has caused just about all of the problems black people have. She advises American blacks to start being honest about their rage against white people so black people can actually move forward and not just keep going through the motions because doing so is psychologically destructive. She wants whites to stop denying the role  they play in black self-destruction while advising blacks to resist a victim mentality.

Incredibly in the sense that anyone who wrote the following has any credibility at all. “I am writing this essay sitting beside an anonymous white male that I long to murder.”

Hooks switches arguments in the middle of sentences. She simultaneously accuses whites for being racist then accuses blacks who aren’t sufficiently anti-white to get with her hatred of whites. Hooks never spends one moment to honesty confront her psychosis. She is spectacularly unable to introspect about her own complicity in the circumstances of her life. She doesn’t seek dialog unless and until whites agree with her ideas. Hooks, aka Gloria Jean Watkins is a typical Liberal contradiction. She enjoys the material privileges of the comfortable, but wants the moral standing of those who lack them; she wants to wear the mantle of the victim while posturing as a warrior for the cause. Hooks combines Jesus with Pilate and is simultaneously both. Perhaps she’s undergone analysis. She should get her money back. She’s a very confused, psychotic self-blinded over-rated individual.

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