The Purpose of Welfare in America is to take down Capitalism, take over Corporations and promote through Social Propaganda and Social Maneuvers a Socialist, Democratic Communist Fascist government.  Welfare is not the opposite of Capitalism, it is Counterfeit Capitalism because the essence of Capitalism is economic freedom. The essence of Welfare is to penalize achievement by taking wealth from it’s creators and owners and give it to people who did not create it and therefore do not own it. Welfare is theft and state welfare being based on compulsive payments to the state which then distributes the compulsive payments to welfare recipients raises welfare to the position of value and condemns trade to the immoral side of the moral ledger. The immorality of such a system should be obvious but because the Welfare System is inculcated into the Welfare State the receipt of money from people who did not earn it does a pernicious type of immorality, the inversion of Right and Wrong. It is wrong to take money by compulsion. It is wrong to accept money illiceitly obtained and it is wrong to accept is as a right instead of a punishment upon those who earned it and to whom it belongs. A moral inversion such as welfare instead of trade, is a massively immoral scheme.

So the answer to the question is no.

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