Why is it white people whose ancestors are from Europe whose ancestors are from (gasp!) Africa so much of a problem? They aren’t the smartest, the Askanazi and the Orientals are smarter. They aren’t the most inventive. There are more patent applications by Orientals than whites. They aren’t the strongest, nor are they the fastest but they are the most cunning, the most conniving, the most wary, the most law-abiding, the most punishment-prone culture among some other traits that are also possessed by people of other cultures and races. Why then did Europeans achieve so much? Is it something in the genes? No.. Or rather no one knows, at least yet because character traits are developed and kept by cultures, not by genes nor by something in the brain. Why then have whites achieved so much and become so despised by other races and cultures that want whites cancelled? Why?

Worried about Russia’s influence on American elections? They’re white people. Putin himself is white. Russians are among the whitest of the white people on the planet.

How about Melania?

Is she not about as white as can be? Answer: Yes, of course she is and so are her parents, husband and child. Take a victory lap.

How about Hilla? She ran for president and lost twice. She lost to a white guy. Victory lap.

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