Keep out of Starbucks. The CEO holds his customers guilty of being racists and he’s putting race-based messages on the coffee cups.

Who wants a preacher on their coffee cup? Starbucks condemns America by playing the tunes of the Race-Hustlers, those insufferable idiots who agree America is shameful because of the way black people are treated. Oprah needs to listen up because according to Starbucks she’s underpaid. She’s worth $3 Billion but she’s a victim of hatred because she’s black. Same for President Obama who has been kept down by racist America.

Same for all the successful black people who made it on their intellect and assorted additional attributes. According to the dingbat logic of the president of Starbucks they’ve been underappreciated, undervalued underpaid and need more love, success and more money.

Starbucks CEO chucklehead Howard Schultz thinks talking about race will eliminate the racism of Americans. Talk about the Alice in Wonderland “sentence first – verdict afterwards” Schultz thinks his customers need to get rid of something they most likely don’t have which is a history of oppressing black people. talking about race is worse than talking about religion. Wars have been fought over less volatile ideas.

If Schultz and his ilk are sincere about getting rid of racism by talking about it, why doesn’t he open more Starbucks to talk about race in the black neighborhoods of Detroit, Philly, and Los Angeles? Why don’t he put his money where his ideas would resonate best, America’s black neighborhoods where the race-grievances are highest instead of on Philly’s mainline? Maybe he should open some Starbucks in Zimbabwe or South Africa where there’s an actual race-based genocide going on. The black citizens have killed 68,000 white people.

If Schultz want’s to preach to people he needs to open churches where peaching is wanted and expected. Until he does, lets keep out of preachy Starbucks.  

Put a big “X” on every Starbucks. Get your coffee at some other coffee shop where they don’t think you’re a racist.


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