Subtitle: When is An Apology Disgusting?

Here’s the deal. A Republican Committeeman who offended loads of people by his public remarks should resign his committee seat for the good of the Republican party and in the interests of the citizens of Northampton. If he refuses to resign, he should be removed right away by the Chairman of the Northampton GOP or by the vote of the Republican GOP. If that doesn’t happen, he should be removed by Bucks County chair Pat Poprick. The offensive committeeman disgraced himself by his offensive words at a Northampton public meeting. It’s on the internet. Courier Report. Read the Front Page article. There’s a video recording. It’s offensive to watch.

He didn’t apologize. Note his words. Not just the apologize word, all of what he said at the meeting and in the Courier report.  He explains why he used the offensive idea. He doesn’t understand what he did. He needs a time out to get himself under control. He may be unable to do that without an intervention. Note also he doesn’t apologize. When someone says I apologize but, the but means he meant what he said when he said what was offensive. An apology doesn’t go like that.


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