America is a Capitalist nation. Capitalism is a political system based on freedom including especially free trade. Samantha Power is not a Capitalist She is married to a fierce anti-capitalist. Born in Ireland, raised and educated in Ireland until age nine, the most formative years, then at Harvard and Yale, her experiences are alien to Capitalism. Married to Cass Sunstein, a dogmatic supporter of the use of government power to solve life’s problems America has lurched dangerously left with Powers at the helm of the United Nations.

Husband Cass Sunstein is more Radical Left than the radical left. Liberals are to his right. Sunstein espouses: “Welfare is a Right”. He despises Capitalism, no surprise when you learn his Marxist pedigree. His policies change the status of America’s Doctors to Employees of the Government, one of the goals of the left who have dreamed of this level of control over the medical industry by government.

Samamtha Power will be more at home at the United Nations than in the United States. She’s an avowed Leftist with scant grasp of America’s founding principles but she’s an expert in the Soviet Model of Big Govenrment. She will join the United Nations resolutions condemning the United States of America and Israel as she has done in the past. She had to sing the opposite song to get senate confirmation but will work to support the Left more than America. It’s coded in her DNA.

Power is a Progressive, a closet Marxist-Leninist who wants America to move faster in the direction of Socialism. She and her husband, people with no commercial sense, believe the Left must be strengthened by more and bigger government programs. These are enemies of free markets.

Power wanted American officials to apologize to the world for past atrocities and thereby gain credibility with foreign nations. Appeasement is one of her preferred tactics. She saw “Major Human Rights Violations in Israel”. Power called for massive aid to the Palestinians. She became a liability when she called Hillary”a Monster”. Power wrote her book “ ‘A Problem from Hell’: America and the Age of Genocide” which was answered by ‘A Solution From Hell’; that supported America.

At best Power is a dissembler and a political chameleon who can pivot perhaps better than anyone in the NBA.

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