The small number of African-Americans have been beating the large number of white people into the ground with the issue of Race. Unfortunately for white people they have not figured out what has been happening partly because a lot of white people have been supporting black people against white people. Riots are criminal activity and that criminal activity has been accepted and promoted by far too many unsuspecting victims who are helping the perpetrators destroy the lives of themselves. How foolish is that? It should be blindingly obvious that people of different races cannot live together. Why that is is far less important than the fact that it is. Click here to see additional information. HERE.

So where should white people go to avoid extinction? No where. There’s no where except America where they can go but white people need to figure out what’s going on and object. They need to object in the strongest way possible so that they can participate in America and be part of the American Dream.  Otherwise it’s bye-bye birdie to the idea that a  country can force the races to live together; that that country will survive; that that country can continue to exist  and that within that country white people can be safe..

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