Passing laws that restrict Americans’s ability to “keep and bear arms” is just about impossible but restrictive laws can be passed incrementally. Police investigations have the effect of stopping the possession of guns until the police clear an America of the charge of committing crimes. The investigation requirement is a law. That law is prohibited by the Second Amendment but most American’s accept it as a bit of security at the expense of their freedom from being searched by government. It’s a search without a warrant which is prohibited by the Fourth Amendment. It also requires a secret database be kept on every citizen, a practice prohibited by the Federal Constitution.

One way to stop someone shooting is to shoot them. It may not be the best way but it’s one way. Someone needs a gun in order to stop someone shooting at people but carrying a gun is prohibited unless one has a “permit to carry”. Carrying a gun is what is meant by the words “to bear arms” in the Second amendment so a law that requires a permit to carry a gun is a law that’s prohibited by the Second Amendment.

If one person out of a hundred has a gun the odds of a shooter being shot is 100 to 1. If two people out of a hundred have a gun, it’s 50 to 1 which is twice as good. If everyone carries a gun then the odds of stopping a shooter become 100% which proves more guns increase the safety of the people.

There’s more to getting more guns in the hands of the people than making it easier to buy and carry them. Some people are afraid of guns so they won’t approve of people carrying guns. They believe people who carry guns are too impulsive however they are OK with the police carrying guns so they accept some people carrying guns.

Everyone knows that a shooter in a gun free zone is far more dangerous than a shooter at large so Gun Free Zones are actually less safe than all of the places where people might have a gun. It would have been better for those who were murdered by goons if someone had a gun to stop them from being shot. More people with guns would make more places safe. More Guns: More Safety. It’s good arithmetic and it’s also common sense.    


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