Wrong ideas caused the bad record of Obama. The wrong ideas caused wrong solutions, and the wrong solutions caused more problems. Take Obama’s financial ideas. Do not balance the budget. Do not even present a budget to Congress. David Axelrod, Obama’s “Campaign Advisor” speaking on Fox actually said “balancing the budget now would actually be a bad idea.” Obama’s reckless spending and borrowing has America in $16 trilllion in debt. Obamacare increases the mad spending. The President is advised to keep borrowing more money from China to keep  increasing spending that doesn’t work, i.e., Government Spending.

Same for Obama’s bad ideas on Education. Spend money on iPads for each student because iPads are, (get ready) sturdier. A book can be read over and over after it’s dropped. One drop can break an iPad. Obama’s U.S. Education Secratary Anne Duncan is pushing for iPads. Who benefits? Apple Computers. Michael Hiltzak of The Los Angeles Times, a very Liberal newspaper said Obama is peddling moonshine because in 2009 the Department of Education said a massive study found the difference in test scores is “not statistically different than zero.” That means teachers are more important than iPads and in “sixth grade math students who used software got significantly worse math scores.”  But Obama’s Dept of Education continues to push their malarky.   

Take Obama’s 2011 Jobs Seech idea that “business and government should be working side-by-side”. That invites more corruption, more lobbyists, more junkets, more backroom-deals, more tax-cheating, more criminal Chicago types of arrangements and less and less progress. Bridges to nowhere, High-speed rail that commuters won’t ride, more dams that are built to be destoyed later and longer times on unemployment are not ways to improve America. OTOH, a large and easy to understand tax cut for business would open up the free market, increase private expansion and provide millions of jobs.  If bad ideas are jobs Obama would have solved the unemployment crisis. Obama wants more “Green Energy Grants” like the $6.5 billion that disappeared into solar panel maker Solyndra. Obama’s failed bad ideas on oil production caused gasoline to double. Obama killed the Keystone pipeline, stopped drilling in the Gulf, stopped drilling in both oceans and cancelled exploration and drilling on Federal lands. Is Obama a foreign agent intent on destroying America’s energy? There’s more.

Obama had a chance to really shine because he was given a bad economy. Instead of solving the crisis he made it worse. Obama literally got in the way of a recovery. He should step aside. He should lose his re-election. His press secratary Jay Carney said he is campaigning and fundraising. He should be stopping terrorists and making America safer in the world. In short, he should be President and leave campaigning to his political party. Obama is well known. He has a record. He has directed the Executive branch for almost four years. Romney needs to be campaigning. Obama has a record but Obama cannot defend his bad record so he is attacking Mitt Romney instead of bringing the country together. He had four years to do that and he failed. Obama is the center of the bad idea universe. 

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