A gun beats a knife in a fight. Guns in the hands of Americans are why America is safe from Jihad but the Media hates guns so they purposely change the story about the success of a gun, for example, in the Moore, Oklahoma beheading, to a story about the beheader. A gun stopped a man with a knife. Click, Bang. End of story.

Why isn’t the media concerned about the shooter? Why the exaggerated concern about the beheader but so little reference to the gun that stopped him? The answer should send the press in the direction of prevention against beheading. Instead they push the story of the crazy lunatic who sawed off an innocent woman’s head.

How about all of the other successes where guns stopped killers? How about the stories where the presence of even one gun would have stopped killers? Think about 9/11 and how different the world would be if a few guns were on the four hijacked airplanes. Click. Click Bang, Bang, Bang, the planes land, end of Story.

Remember the 1993 Long Island Rail Road Massacre where six people were murdered and nineteen others wounded because no one had a gun because of the so-called “Common Sense Gun Laws” which prohibited guns on the Long Island Railroad, despite the protection of guns in the Second Amendment. So Colin Ferguson, a man of hate, had a field day shooting people like they were clay pigeons. They were sitting ducks thanks to the Liberals so called Fear of Guns. It should have been: Click. Bang. Massacre stopped. End of story.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence of how so-called common sense guns laws make life more dangerous for innocent people. We know, for example, that guns stop crime. That’s why police carry them. Police are people. Why are guns in the hands of people who are also police good but guns in the hands of everyone else are dangerous? The facts are guns are neither safe nor dangerous. Some people are dangerous. They are a rather small minority. The facts reveal that, despite the admonitions and accusations of the mystics who endlessly cavil about the fallibility and sinful nature of people, that most people are not evil. Most people are not even morally neutral. People are good. Not good and evil like Janus, good period. That’s why the Constitution works. It’s not difficult to govern good people. It’s why the Second Amendment is needed. Because some small number of people are evil; that those people usually get involved with government and therefore some effective full stop capability is needed to control the evil in government. Voila! The Second Amendment. Not to control the people but to bind, shackle stop a bad government. That’s common sense. That’s why there’s a Second Amendment and that’s why people like Gabby Giffords will be safer after she stops her attacks against the people and directs them against government.

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