Even the Media, many of whom are calling Obama’s announcement that there will be no American’s with guns on the ground in Iraq utter foolishness, know that as recently as September 26th, a man with a rifle shot once and stopped Alton Nolan who had beheaded one woman and was going after his second, unarmed victim.
That’s when a bullet stopped Nolen. Nolan was shot by the company’s chief operating officer, Mark Vaughan. Vaughan had to run outside to his car in the parking lot and get his rifle before shooting Nolen. After getting his rifle, he had to run back in but Nolan had already sawn off the head of one women and was busy attacking a second woman when Vaughan managed to get off one shot. One shot was all that was needed to save how many lives?

Hey, Gabby Giffords: read that again. A gun stopped a horrible murderer who wasn’t going to stop until he beheaded more unarmed victims.

Giffords says she and others want “Common Sense Gun Laws. Rubbish. If Giffords had read the American Constitution she would know America has too many anti-gun laws that failed to protect the woman whose head was sawn off. With a small handgun she could have stopped her beheader who only had a kitchen knife.

Mark Vaughan knew how to stop Nolen. ‘Cap him. That’s street talk for shoot him. We know that would have stopped the beheader from brutally murdering his first unarmed victim because it reall did stop him, otherwise he might have continued on his Jihad way.

Americans Are Armed, Iraqi’s Are Not So President Obama Was Forced To Assault ISIS From the Air. A 2nd Amendment in Iraq Would Let Iraqi’s Defend Iraq Without American Boots On The Ground…….Iraqi’s Need Pistols, Not Boots Because They can buy shoes but they need guns to stop the Islamic State. …. Check Back Later. This is still developing.

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