Or, “Fantasy Obama Debates Real Romney”. The debate problem for Obama is/was his belief in a fantasy. Whether it’s President Obama as a great leader,(fantasy Obama), or Mitt Romney as a great leader, the real Romney, Obama is at a disadvantage. Obviously there is only the real Romney. If Obama believes the media, Mitt is not real and Obama had to debate a fantasy Romney. Romney won the debate because he knows there is no fantasy Obama. Romney is a businessman, a realist. Obama is not equiped to debate a realist. Obama’s universe is a construct based on wrong ideas. Wrong ideas clash with reality. That’s why wrong ideas don’t work. Wrong ideas are fantasies. There is only one reality. One cannot debate a fantasy of ideas, only a real set, a set that exists. Aristotle figured it out centuries ago. Existence Exists. There is no “Other Reality” because there is only existence. Existence exists and it’s knowable. Real things have a set of attributes that makes them real, unique and perceivable. All real things have a nature which is called their identity. Existence is what Exists; existence is the name for everything that exists, including things that once existed and things the will exist in the future. All things have a nature and it is perceivable. Those are the axioms of reality. Obama either brought his fantasy self to the debate which made it impossible for him to win or he debated with a fictional Romney which means it was impossible for Obama to win against a real Romney.  

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