The DUMP GRUPP Campaign livened up the Public Comment segment of the Council Rock School Board meeting of May 21 with Mrs. Grupp telling one of the DUMPSTER’s to spend some time fixing the BLUE TARP ROOF that have been on his roof for two years, instead of wasting his time working as a DUMPSTER. LOL.

The DUMP GRUPP campaign almost worked. Grupp lost four out of the six sections of the Primary campaign but GRUPP won in two Republican districts. The DUMPSTER’s are going to have to work harder if they want to prevail in November.

Council Rock Region 5 consists of three voting districts. Times two parties which is six segments. DUMPER Patti Sexton was working all day at district 9. Grupp lost 85 votes to 75 on the Republican side and 56 to 22 on the Democrat side in District 9. Grupp also lost in all three Democrat segments, 104 to 155 and Grupp barely won by six votes in district 14 on the Republican side.

The DUMPSTER’s need to work harder against GRUPP in his Republican home district #14 where he won by 54 votes. GRUPP LOST on the Democrat side there 62 to 59.

District #14 is all of the homes East of Buck Road and North of East Holland road. The voting place in Village Shires is in district #14.

Jerry now Jery will be working hard too but he has to work all over the region to make up ground while his opponent can concentrate on the Republicans in district 14 where it’s far easier to visit people because lots of the homes in Northampton 14 are closer than in the other districts.
But what will stop the lying by the DUMPSTERS and, by GRUPP himself? The Lying has to stop. Lying to the School Board about GRUPP by GRUPP will not work. That’s what’s really going to hurt GRUPP, -as it should. Council Rock deserves better than GRUPP.

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