Jackie Kennedy re-decorated “The Lincoln Bedroom” and it was used by Bill Clinton as a reward for Pay-To-Play Campaign Contributors. President Obama invited Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu to use it on March 2nd, 2015 prior to Netanyahu’s historic speech to Congress.

President Obama has been most gracious to Israel and especially to Prime Minster Netanyahu.

Not happening. Never happened. Can’t happen.

Obama’s hatred towards Netanyahu and Israel were visible when Obama forced Netanyahu to exit the White House by the rear door where the garbage cans are kept. No other foreign leader was ever so dissed by the President. Obama displayed his childish hatred of European leaders when he presented Queen Elizabeth a CD of his favorite rap music.

President Obama eschews style and grace preferring the Hawaiian shibboleth “cool head – main thing”; the panache of “Glozell Green” (HERE) and rapper “Common”,(HERE). The feelings of most black Americans towards Israel and people of Jewish ancestry was captured by black leader Jesse Jackson when he referred to Manhattan as “Hymie-Town”. That was in 1984. It was printed in the Washington Post.

Regarding the Netanyahu Address to Congress, Obama hates it. Pamela Geller writes: “Obama is hitting back, and hitting back hard.

    His war on Israel is in high gear

with all of his attack dogs on the offense. It’s monstrous and anti-Semitic. Breathtakingly so.

“Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice warned last Wednesday that Netanyahu’s planned address to the U.S. Congress was “not only unfortunate” but “destructive to the fabric” of Israel-U.S. ties.

“The Obama administration is pulling out the stops – threatening to destroy the special relationship we have had with Israel since its re-founding. Obama is strong-arming Democrats to boycott Bibi’s speech. Obama is using this attack on a close ally to further divide our nation. Iran is loving every minute of it, while kicking Obama in the teeth and publicly taunting him about groveling to it.”

“Yet despite Obama’s manufactured controversy about “protocol” (this from a philistine who all but spits on convention, decorum and propriety), his ambushes, public humiliation, mocking, bullying and intimidation of Prime Minister Netanyahu, the pied piper of political anti-Semitism failed abysmally: The Senate unanimously passed a resolution stating, “The Senate warmly welcomes the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, on his visit to the United States, which provides a timely opportunity to reinforce the United State-Israel relationship.” (End Geller quote).

Unfortunately Obama’s anti-Semitism serves as a floodlight of approval for far too many people including many Middle-Easterners. Makes one wonder if anything decent was learned by these modern-day supporters of Kristelnacht and Auschwitz.

Forty nine Democrat members of Congress who like the President lean towards the enemies of Israel also boycotted Netanyahu’s address to Congress. So did American Traitor Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden. No surprises there, right?

To their credit most Democratic members of Congress put partisan politics aside and warmly supported and applauded Prime Minster Netanyahu’s address to Congress as did most Americans.

Israel is a very small place that’s been in constant danger from people who have a visceral hatred of Jews since it was founded in 1948 but anti-Semitism is not new to the world. It should be eliminated as should the white-hot hatred of white people but until a better set of attitudes are developed by the Al Sharpton’s, the Eric Holders and unfortunately by Barack Obama, anti-Semitism will continue to keep citizens of Israel out of the Lincoln bedroom.

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