“Let me count the ways” — By championing the takeover of the rest of the free-market in medicine; by passing the biggest tax increase in history; by manipulating the African-Americans; by obscene Executive Orders which are more king-like than American, Barack Obama has betrayed mankind on an unprecented scale that would embarass a king or a Caesar. Why is he so proud?

The Money Supply, both M1 and M2 were hyper-inflated in 2009, 2011 and this year, all to the detriment of the poor and the middle class. U3 and U6, the government’s calculations of unemployment (which jumped in the second year of Obama’s reign), are far too high and reflect the over-regulated and failing U.S. economy which continues to be ruined by Obama Policy. (here) Retail Sales for example in department stores continue to be deeply depressed, proving the ability of the consumer to see thru the government lies about the improvement of the economy. Obama has been and will continue to be an economic disaster.

The Obama Adminstration is a giant spin machine, adept at putting a smiley-face on the continuous disaster which Obama can only make worse because of the ineptness of the Left-of-Center Czars. Socialism is a disaster everywhere it’s been tried but Obama refuses to turn America back towards Liberty. The American Dream has been betrayed by the mystic, altruist, communialist Community Dis-Organizer who is following the Cloward-Piven model of destroying America by bankrupting the economy using the welfare system. (here)

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