America is firmly in the grip of a Post-America mind set. America, … the America into which I was born, America before Pearl Harbor, before Jimmy Carter, before The New Deal, before the assassination of JFK, before the Great Society, … is gone and from all accounts, never coming back. America can recover from the present depression, .. call it a recession but with 43% of the nation permanently unemployed it’s clear that the ability of the Federal Government to hurt business is greater than ever and a recovery will not recover your lost money.

Jobs must be created by business. Government jobs are mostly welfare, …. money given to people who don’t have a productive job. Obama told us he inherited a bad economy but he didn’t tell us he would make it worse. He didn’t tell us he would decrease the value of the money so each dollar we had would not buy as much food, gasoline or clothes. Obama told us he would change things but we thought that meant change for the better. Not so. Obama made a bad situation worse. Domestically and Internationally. Worse for Americans.

Obama’s own numbers tell the sad story. Incomes dropped $3,040 in 38 months of Obama. (Here) Consumer Prices increased from 211 when Obama took office to 230 as of August and judging by the increase in gasoline to over 240 in September. It costs $1,000 for me to fill a 250 gallon oil tank to heat the house. In 1976 when we moved from a gas heater to an oil heater it cost $85. Back then we used to fill the oil tank five times a year. Last year I could not afford to fill the tank. I got by on 150 gallons a time, only heated two rooms, burned wood and wore a sweater to bed. Even lowering the thermostat during the day and turning off the heater at night it cost $2,000.

Obama refused to increase Social Security Benefits to helpless Seniors for two years in a row. He cancelled the growth of the oil business for the past four years with the result that gasoline prices and home heating oil prices doubled.

I don’t know about you but I can’t afford four more years of Obama.

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