No foreigner has a right to reside in America. There is no such right in American law, International law, Ecclesiastical law, United Nations law, in the laws of the European Union or even in the natural law. Immigrants from nations or cultures that support raping women should be barred from immigrating. We should not allow immigrants, especially young men, from societies that allow rape, religious persecution, and individual violence into America. We must tell President Obama that we have no desire to support immigrants who demand we support sharia law, who engage in honor killings, jihad, terrorism, or the persecution of women. These people are dysfunctional and dangerous. They are a threat to individual Americans and seek to undermine our American culture, suppress our values and subjugate us to their will.

Immigrants are completely subject to America when they enter America. If they enter illegally or overstay a visa or work permit they should be deported. They should be required to become a citizen or leave after being here say five years. If they fail to become a citizen they should leave or be deported.

But they should be required to assimilate themselves. If they want to follow their religion or their customs they should agree they will do it without bothering the citizens. Even more they should integrate themselves into American culture. There is no reason for America to change to suit them. If they don’t like it here or if they like it better in some other country they should leave. If they refuse to learn our language they should be deported as un-assimilatable. We don’t need people here which we cannot understand when they speak. If they want to continue to communicate with each other in their home language, fine but they must learn our language or go home.

In Philadelphia the city government changed some street signs so the Koreans could read them. That seems like a fine gesture on the surface but it sends the wrong message to American citizens. It says the foreign language is more important than English and that’s an entirely wrong message to send. If a visitor cannot read a street sign they are a danger to themselves because they will be unable to read other messages such as Danger or Do Not Enter or Hard Hats Required. In Germany it has gotten so bad that some foreign born people defecate in the showers. Germany put up special signs in Arabic that read “Do Not Poop In the Shower.” Unassimiated people have habits can be unsanitary and can spread disease. There’s no reason Germany or any other country should tolerate that. See it HERE.

That’s a very practical example of why it’s important to demand and require foreigners to assimilate instead of the other way round.

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