Each of the seven Republicans proved they are far better than Hillary. America would do well to have the seven in the White House and in the President’s cabinet. Carly Fiorina who was on the undercard debate should be in President Trumps cabinet too. Last night Trump “The Lion-hearted managed to punch through the lattice of lies of the elephants, the donkeys and the Mainstream media.

The debaters are tremendous Americans. They proved it last night despite some political disagreements, during a well-run debate by Fox Business News. The best line of the night was when Dr Ben Carson interrupted saying he was mentioned so he can respond. Skillful moderator asked when the doctors name was mentiond? Brilliant Ben said: “he said everybody”.

The overall loser was Jeb who is still a far better person than “Tokyo Rose” Hillary who lied about Benghazi, Whitewater, the travel office, the billing records, took White House furniture, made $100,000 in one year with her $1,000 investment and on and on. Then there’s that serial abuser of woman who Hillary enabled, that sicko, her dysfunctional, criminal husband Bill, who refuses to discuss his sordid sexual dysfunction.

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