Thank the freedom to create and operate businesses for eliminating poverty by providing jobs to do to build machines, pump oil, mine minerals for metals, produce more and more crops on less and less land faster and faster. By setting up great enterprises that needed people to work at making something the following great capitalists should have monuments built to honor them for being so successful. They should serve as inspirations to everyone.

How many millions of jobs that made millions successful did the following people create?
John D. Rockefeller; Founded Standard Oil Company
Cornelius Vanderbilt;
John Jacob Astor (real estate, fur) – New York
Andrew Carnegie (steel) – Pittsburgh and New York
William A. Clark (copper) – Butte, Montana[17]
Jay Cooke (finance) – Philadelphia
Charles Crocker (railroads) – California
Daniel Drew (finance) – New York
James Buchanan Duke (tobacco) – Durham, North Carolina
Marshall Field (retail) – Chicago[18]
James Fisk (finance) – New York
Henry Morrison Flagler (Standard Oil, railroads) – New York and Florida[19]
Henry Clay Frick (steel) – Pittsburgh and New York
John Warne Gates (barbed wire, oil) – Texas[20]
Jay Gould (railroads) – New York[21]
Edward Henry Harriman (railroads) – New York[22]
Charles T. Hinde (railroads, water transport, shipping, hotels) – Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, California
Mark Hopkins (railroads) – California
Collis Potter Huntington (railroads) – California
Andrew W. Mellon (finance, oil) – Pittsburgh
J. P. Morgan; created U.S. Steel (finance, industrial consolidation) – New York
John Cleveland Osgood (coal mining, iron) – Colorado[23]
Henry B. Plant (railroads) – Florida[24]
Henry Huttleston Rogers (Standard Oil; copper), New York.[25]
Charles M. Schwab (steel) – Pittsburgh and New York
Joseph Seligman (banking) – New York
John D. Spreckels (water transport, railroads, sugar) – California
Leland Stanford (railroads) – California
Cornelius Vanderbilt; Created New York Central Railroad (water transport, railroads) – New York[26]
Charles Tyson Yerkes (street railroads) – Chicago[27]

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