Munchausen syndrome, a psychiatricfactitious disorder wherein those affected feign psychological trauma to draw sympathy to themselves. The NFL Kneelers and the NFL by accepting their disorder is a classic example of Munchausen. 

“Munchausen syndrome” was first described by R. Asher in 1951 as when someone invents symptoms to gain sympathy.

Formally stated, Newton’s third law is: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That’s not precisely correct. Every action is acted upon by the nature of the natural universe so it’s impossible to recover all of the energy of an action.

There’s another law operating within the idea of racism which is: every effect had a cause. The reaction of innocent white people accused of Racism will be to protest their innocence and some will take it further and demand compensation for being abused in the name of racism. Absent other avenues they will charge the anti-racists with fraud.

Charging innocent people with actions they never took will cause a reaction from the innocent. Obviously, the left has long been fixated on racial and ethnic politics, which has done immeasurable damage to the American idea of freedom and justice for all. I understand why many Americans would push back against a world of 51 gender categories and Critical Race Theory. But you can see why some of us would like to see the Democratic and the Republican Parties take a more forceful and public stand on behalf of freedom and opportunity for all.

White people were shocked to hear they were racists. At first they accepted the charge without thinking: “what exactly did I do?” They have since realized the answer is: “nothing”.

Unless a white has hurt a black they should be outraged by the charge of racism.

The NFL doesn’t grasp the idea of innocence of white people who have not hurt any black people. Many white people never come in contact with a black person. .