Without Obama Hillary would be president. Obama was and is liked personally but many people hate his stubbornness, his arrogance and his ignorance. His ideas are off-putting. His ignorance about the Muslim – West divide is spectacular and because of his absence of good character he caused Trump to emerge as the candidate and to win. Thank you Obama. We could have done it without you but it was easier because of you.

Trump has a low bar to pass to be a great president after your hatreds of israel and America were revealed. You did it.

You did it to Hillary who could have won without you but you caused her to lose with your bone-headed ideas, especially about inviting more Muslims who shielded jihadis within their crowds.

You weren’t involved with scandals like Bill Clinton’s womanizing or John McCain’s cheating with Keating but your attorney general, Eric Holder is the first and only attorney general to be held in Contempt of Congress.

But Obama will further spin into spiteful oblivion as he continues to take parting shots to Israel and Russia.

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