Was it simple coincidence that al-Quada appeared on 9/11 to attack western interests? Not likely. More like Obama and Hillary have follosed a wrong foreign policy and also because the enemies of America no longer have to fight America in one place. When then President George W. Bush and forty other free nations invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003, the terrorists had to fight against the United States in Iraq. Hamas, Hezbollah, the Mujahedeen, various Sunni and Shia brigades, the Iranian Kurds, Iranians, Iran, Syrians, the Islamic State of Iraq and Saudi’s, left wing media like Wikipedia, the Huffington Post, The Daily Beast,  and of course, al-Quida, fought the coalition in Iraq. When Obama removed the Americans late last year,  al-Quida couldn’t believe their good fortune. Al-Quida and the above enemies of America attacked Americans, British, Australians, Germans, their embassies and their property in Yemen, Egypt, Bengazi and Tripoli in Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Syria, India, London, Berlin, after President Obama pulled American troops out of Iraq. Now America is fighting wars in 20 or more places showing the wisdom of President George W. Bush’s decision to fight in Iraq instead of just about everywhere. It also brings into sharp focus the inability and the failure of Obama and Hillary to keep America safe.

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