The New York Times reports:- cold weather is produced by global warming. The report is here:
The problem with global warming or cooling is that all solutions enable government. Solutions that enable government exclude free market solutions. It’s either government control or the free market. It’s either / or.
The either / or argument can be false when there are choices other than the two presented. If there are only two choices then the either / or argument is correct.

The implicit agreement that underlies most climate change argument is that government SHOULD control the climate. There is only one other choice, viz., that government SHOULD NOT.

The supposed existence of a combination of free market solutions along with government imposed solutions is the false choice because freedom and oppression are opposites. It’s freedom or not-freedom, never both. If one says both freedom and oppression can exist together it’s freedom that is diminished because in any compromise between good and evil, good loses.

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