Of all the people in the title, Palin stands out like a hero framed in golden light. The Obama’s may be the worst because they are stealth hustlers, everything for the money; Socialists In Name and Deed. The Clintons are not better but Hillary, at least began as an idealogue. Bill was never in it for the ideas. He had and continues to have a pathological need to be liked as well as sexually dysfunctional psychotic load. She hasn’t ended but she’s sold her initial values for loads of cash. Not nearly as much cash as the Obama’s but Hill and friend Bill became multi-millionaires with multi-more-millions still coming. They are small time crooks compared to the Obama’s. Same for Capone. The Obama’s don’t have a conscience so there’s no soul in the picture. None. Michelle Malkin wrote “Culture of Corruption” which documents the corrupt nature of the Obama’s. Barak’s character as an anti-Western organizer is still under wraps but Michelle’s character revealed by the theme of her Princeton thesis –  is unmistakable. It’s doubtful she is proud of America. It’s certifiable she has improperly benefitted from political payoff’s. Her half million per annum “retainers” are fact.

Sarah from Alaska in uncorruptable. So is ‘the First Dude”. They’ve been relentlessly attacked by: the drive-by media, Hollywood, Letterman, Leno and SNL. Their halo’s still shine. Sure Hope Romney and Ryan succeed.

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