President Obama is punishing America. His book “Dreams From My Father” reveals a closet Marxist an admirer of Che Guevara; a supporter of known Marxixts and Communists like Van Jones, Valarie Jarret and Mao Tse-Tung. A Christmas ornament with Chairman Mao’s photo was on the White House tree. (Read more) President Obama started his presidency with so much hope that America would be a better place after the rancor directed at President George W. Bush but it went horribly wrong. Bowing to the Saudi Prince, insulting Great Britain numerous times because, as is in President Obama’s book, Churchill was in power during the Mau-Mau uprising in Kenya and Obama’s grandfather was imprisioned and tortured although credible evidence recently uncovered puts the arrest and torture in some false aggrandizment. Friends of the grandfather testified the arrest never happpened but it’s too late to repair the insults to one of America’s greatest allies. The President is on the road to total government control. America has been spiraling towards Socialism for the past century. Totalitarianism has been replacing Socialism and with government controlling so much including the land, water and air that total control is very close. A second term for Obama will move government the wrong way, i.e., further Left. That’s will not be sufficient for the race hustlers who drive America away from it’s European Roots into the waiting arms of the hangmen of the Constitution.

Can the march towards bigger government be stopped? No, but Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are not out for revenge. Their election will at least staunch some of the worse effects of Socialism but Americe is so far to the Left that reversing the leftward movement will prove to be difficult. Not impossible, just hard.

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