Listen to President Obama’s speech Tuesday, Jan 28, 2014 to see if you notice how often he demonizes white people. The code word for hate whites is Inequality. It’s also the code word for hatred of rich people. Government want’s everyone to be poor because that’s the only solution to cure poverty.

It’s impossible to cure stupid and being stupid is a disadvantage because there are people who are not stupid.┬áStupid is persistent.┬áStupid people cannot be cured by education because stupid defies education so educating stupid people doesn’t make them un-stupid.

It’s possible for government to make everyone equal by killing off the rich people. That leaves only the poor so there’s no longer inequality. If killing the rich is too much for you to support, how about lobotomies for the rich? Are you Progressives OK with lobotomies for the rich? How about castration of the smart people to make society equal. If only stupid people are born then the inequality is eliminated. How about outing hard workers in prison? How about fining them like the IRS is in the process of doing to Dinesh D’sousa? That will make D’sousa and lots of others stop criticizing the President. .


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