Two story book lives combined to win the greatest prize in the world, the American Presidency. Two lives priviliged by reverse taxation. Two lives spent working for the elevation of the black race in America achieve a fantastic dream. Even greater than the Kennedy years, the Obama’s began against the odds. Michelle, born into a lower but middle class family, moved ahead when her grade school teachers promoted her from first to third grade. She was the Salutatorian for her high school and then Princeton. Princeton! Thanks to the taxpayers, many of whom could not afford college for their children because their income, although low was not low enough. Then to the real score for people who live off the neighbors, Harvard law. Then being hired by a Chicago Law firm, meeting Barack Obama who was headed for something big, his election to the Presidency and Michelle becoming First Lady.

Barack Obama’s story begins with his mother living in Hawaii and getting money from the taxpayers to attend college there. She met Barack’s father at Harvard in Hawaii, married him and having his son. Quickly divorsed, Barack, called Barry became Barry Sotoro in Muslim Indonesia. Through a series of still supressed documents Barry re-identified himself as Barack and decided to stop referring to his whiteness. He was mentored by Frank Davis, a member of CPUSA, as far left as can be, in Hawaii. Undergraduate degree from radical Left University – Colombia, Law degree from Left wing Harvard, Barack was a race protestor at Harvard from where he went to the same Chicago Law Firm as Michelle. He became President. Camelot by two people who started with loads less money than John Kennedy who married Jacqueline Bouvier and they went to the White House too. The first couple, the Kennedy’s became President and First Lady by spending loads of money. Shelby Steele said in the movie “2016” that Obama was elected because he was black. The second Camelot came to the White House.

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