Four wrongs don’t make a right. First it was Michelle Obama’s speech that didn’t convince one Republican or Independent to vote for Obama. Then the outdoor stadium could not be filled because lots of Democrats who previously supported Obama refused to be tricked again by his empty soaring rhetoric.  Bill Clinton’s speech was a disaster. Why the chief philanderer, the impeached and disgraced moral failure, is so popular is perhaps due to some kind of collective amnesia and the lack of a clear moral code on the part of the faithful. Clinton’s charisma was evident.

The speech was a moral failure for tre lack of truth. Some truth  . Too much about Bill Clinton, of course, long, too long, too self-agrandizing, didn’t explain how Obama was going to fix the economy as Obama promised he would in 2008 or he would resign in 2012. Clinton dwelled in the past, fibbed about the Obama Tax Increase and the Obama $5 trillion increase in the Debt, forgot to mention the failure of the Democrats to pass a budget, wrongly attacked Romney and Ryan for not doing what they promised without saying Romney is not the President, articulated typicall behavior for Clinton, telling it like it isn’t, Clintons masterful use of obfuscation to draw wrong conclusions like Obama broke many 2008 promises. Obama’s 2012 campaign is about his incompetence since 2008. Clinton tried to tell people the economy was worse than Obama knew about so Obama needs four more years to fix it. Lets see. Obama told us he could fix the economy in three years or he would quit. Now it turns out he can’t fix it , he didn’t know it was broken and that he failed to fix it, that Obama won’t quit and that’s Bush’s fault too. Clinton forgot about Obama’s broken promise to close Gitmo, failed to bring the troops home from Iraq, failed to slow down Iran’s nuclear program, Obama’s animosity towards Israel in particular, towards Great Britain, and the West in general. Clinton also likes Hillary’s idea that: “it takes a village” and that everyone must cooperate (everyone cooperates, everyone but government breaks promises and doesn’t cooperate because it doesn’t have to). Government is about forcing people to do what they know is wrong. General George Washington said government is a fierce master and a terrible servant. Washington knew about people like Obama who expanded government and hired cronies for make-work and no-show jobs, ala Chicago and Daley politics. Clinton, Obama and the Democratic leadership detests Independent people. Democrats want government to control everything which means everyone. Obama  and standing on their own efforts. “Few things are more irritating than when someone who is wrong is also very effective in making his point.” – Mark Twain. That describes both Clinton and Obama.

Clinton told yet another whopper when he said “You see, we believe that:” ‘We’re all in this together’ is a far better philosophy than’You’re on your own’ “, which is the difference between people who collect food stamps and people who collect a paycheck and don’t beg their neighbors for handouts or relief checks or welfare checks or to get their doctor bills paid by taxes on their neighbors or their childrens milk and their daughters birth control pills and their childrens baby sitters and their cell phones and anything else they can’t buy because they refuse to work for money. Obama cannot run on his miserable record which has been a failure compared to: his 2008 promises, his inability to fix the economy, his Obamacare disaster which caused our husband and wife health insurance cost to increase $2,400 in 2012, his inability to stop gas prices from doubling in four years as well as his plan to replace Medicare with Obamacare which is the end of Medicare  which is being replaced by the biggest tax increase in American history. The man has been and will continue to be disasterous for America, Americans and Liberty. Under Obama the United States slipped from second when Obama took office to seventh in global competitiveness and yet Obama and Clinton argue Obama should not resign See: and

  The Global Competitiveness Index 2012–2013
Country 2012-2013 2011-2012    2009 – 2010
Switzerland 1 1 – 1
Singapore 2 2  from 3rd
Finland 3 4  from 6th
Sweden 4 3 from 4th
Netherlands 5 7 – 10th
Germany 6 6 from 7th
United States 7 5 from 2nd
United Kingdom 8 10 from 13th
Hong Kong 9 11 from 11th
Japan 10 9 from 8th
Source: World Economic Forum

In the last four years the seven most competitive countries have been almost the same but America went from marginally second to solidly seventh,….  and still sinking. Four more years means moving to thirteenth or worse. Then there is the Supreme Court Health Care Tax analysis that means the middle class will have to pay the health care costs for 40 million who are guaranteed free health care paid for by the middle class. The Clinton Spin Cycle is falsely selling it as a tax increase that will only affect the insurance companies and the rich.  Like Pinochio whose nose grew when he told a lie, Clinton, Obama and the democrats should check how long their noses grew. Other Bad Obama Ideas will kill people —  like making cars smaller to get higher fuel milage WHICH MEANS LESS SAFE WHICH MEANS MORE FATALITIES. Donald Trump called Obama’s ideas “Stupid”. That’s the same as many of his adoring followers who are going to vote for him to make their own lives harder if he wins again. Government gets bigger while the growing control of America by more and bigger government increases as American freedom disappears into history. Obama is not just a left-wing radical socialist. He’s increasing his power like a Totalitarian Dictator. Even Michelle has no respect for taxpayers, proven by her hireing 23 personal assistants at taxpayer expense. No other First Lady had more than 2. Hillary had one and dhe paid for her with her own money. The Obama’s are millionaires. Check their tax returns. The Obama’s have been disasterous for America. No thinking person would vote for Obama in 2012.

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