It really doesn’t matter where he was born although being the son whose Kenyan father was against the West for colonizing Kenya, inclines his thoughts more towards issuing orders and resisting the law of the land.  That’s what his father dreamed according to Obama’s book “Dreams From My Father”. Barack discovered how as President he could act like a dictator and help ruin America. IMO

Obama is President. He is in charge of The Executive Branch and has the power to order people who work for him and his Cabinet. He has no Constitutional Power over private citizens. The Constitution did not grant arrest power to the Federal Government. Read it and try to find the Federal Power to Arrest a Citizen.

The Constiution does not authorize the President or the FBI or the CIA to arrest people. That doesn’t stop them which means the Federal Government must violate the Constitution to arrest people. The power to enforce the law is a State Power, not a Federal Power.

Of course it’s futile to resist the FBI, CIA, United Nations or Interpol, to cite a few examples of futility but the inability to resist is different than the power to arrest. 

For the same reasons the States, not Washington, have the power to regulate the behaviors of it’s citizens.

Yes, it’s futile to argue the State should arrest people for Federal Crimes but that doesn’t excuse the unconstitutional nature of Federal Arrests.

The argument that Obama is a Dictator follows from his actions. Look at it from the perspective of the missing grant of that power. Try to find the source of Presidential Power to create a law over any citizen of any State. If you can’t, the order is dictatorial. It follows that a dictitorial order must come from a tyrant and tyrants, by their nature create  Totalitarian Rule. 

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