It’s not easy. It’s dangerous because the coil spring has a lot of power and if it is released look out. This is not a job for the average weekend mechanic.

Jaguar has a special tool to compress the front coil spring. It’s a large threaded rod with a pin that goes into the slot in the top of the spring tower and a large nut that is tightened to compress the spring.

The spindle is disconnected from the upper and lower ball joints. It’s heavy and has to be supported because the brake hose will pull apart if it’s left hanging. The shock absorber is unbolted and the anti-sway bar connecting link is disconnected.

When the spring is compressed the six bolts that hold the lower spring pan to the lower control arm are removed. The lower control arm inner bolts can be disconnected. They have an eccentric washer that aligns the wheel. Mark it’s position and remove the bolts. That frees the lower control arm. Take it out and try to cut away the shelf on the ball joint so the press can push against the LCA and the top of the ball joint.

Replacement is the reverse of removal.

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