Especially not Hillary whose only constituency is women but not so much Republican women. Trump is killing all of the candidates who should drop out and push party unification.

This is a huge development in favor of Trump so early in the race to the White House. Trump’s lead is based on the widespread perceptions that he’s the best candidate to handle the economy – 67% say so in Nevada, 59% in South Carolina. No other candidate hits double-digits in those states. This was a CNN/ORC Poll so the bias is against Trump which means Trumps numbers would be higher in a fair poll.

Voters believe Trumps white paper on immigration and his position against illegal immigration gives him a huge lead in the Nevada and South Carolina polls with 55% in Nevada and 51% in South Carolina. Trump tops the other candidates by 40 points or more. About 6 in 10 in each state say Trump is the candidate most likely to change the way things work in Washington (60% in Nevada, 58% in South Carolina). Furthermore, nearly half — 47% in Nevada and 44% in South Carolina — view Trump as the candidate with the best chance of winning the general election next November.

On Foreign policy, 34% favor Trump, about 20 points ahead of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) who has been the policy wonk on foreign policy because he’s well-informed about it. Rubio would be a great Sec Def or Sec State.

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